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Xelerate operates in the ICT Network and Application market, a reality where “high technology” means “changement and evolution” .

Digital trasformation is very important for every company where:

  • Networks
  • Infrastructures
  • Applications
  • Cyber Security

are key factors, though very difficult to manage.

Xelerate supports IT Managers and Security Managers in order to guarantee data security within their company and prevent critical situations.


Xelerate offers products and solutions create to allow Managers obtaining Total Infrastructure Visibility & Control.

All products and solutions are positioned in the following technological areas:

  • Visibility: Tap & Packet Broker
  • Performance Monitoring: Network, Application, Virtualization  Unified Communication
  • Acceleration & Optimization (office 365)
  • Security: Security Assessment, Cyber Security, Penetration Test, Osint
  • Security Legal: GDPR Assistant
  • Assessment: Software & Hardware
  • VmWare & Microsoft 365 Performance Control

Visibility, Security Management, Infrastructure Performance Monitoring, critical situation detection are nowadays key factors in each and every company.

Contact us now: guarantee your company and your customers the security and reliability they need.


Problem detection, assessment, security management and training.

Xelerate makes a complete analysis of network security issues, offers advanced solutions and educates application users to follow correct security procedures in order to keep your company network safe.

By seeing your company through the eyes of a hacker, a team of experts simulates cyber attacks to the infrastructure, in a fully protected environment. They identify critical situations and organize training classes in order to teach the staff a secure data management approach.

Xelerate combines technological transformation to behavioral changes.

Contact us and discover Xelerate Proactive Security Philosophy: improve your network security awareness and start your digital transformation process now.


Xelerate offers  infrastructure analisys, monitoring and control services, which include:

  • Network Monitoring and Network Analysis
  • Application Monitoring and Application Availability
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Assessment

Xelerate analizes customers’ ICT hardware / software resources and, together with IT Managers, identifies the actual company needs in terms of Network Visibility and Network Optimization.

It offers “on demand and tailor-made services”: manages requested activities only, which last a previously agreed period of time (spot analysis services and short-term customized projects).

Contact us: build your network performance and security awareness reducing company infrastructure costs


According to the new European regulation on privacy (2016/679) within May 26, 2018, all company owners and/or IT managers, all firms and associations, will have to create and update an “electronic data processing register”.

Any personal data must be protected, acquired and processed in accordance with the GDPR law, considering both ICT security aspects and legal aspects.

Xelerate provides:

  • Technology consulting services
  • GDPR legal assistance services
  • Staff training

All services will be provided on a continuous basis to keep customers updated with current regulations.

Contact us: face GDPR as a new opportunity to improve and optimize your company ICT security approach.

Business development

Business Development

Xelerate offers consultancy and assistance services to foreign companies wishing to start up their business in the Italian ICT and Broadcasting market.

Through marketing & sales activities, Xelerate:

  • identifies the correct national market positioning  for foreign products and  solutions
  • selects suitable partners for business development.

Xelerate business development services are dedicated to Foreign companies that wish to grow and sell their products and services in Italy.

Nevertheless also Italian companies use Xelerate services to improve their business or start a new activity.

Xelerate fixes short-term, middle-term and long-term goals based on the needs of each customer.

Contact us now: we will grow together with your company thanks to tailor-made projects.


Xelerate bietet Unterstützung und Beratung für alle Unternehmen, die ihre Präsenz auf dem italienischen Markt im Bereich ICT- und Broadcasting-Lösungen ausbauen möchten. Durch Marketing- und Vertriebsaktivitäten identifiziert Xelerate die korrekte Positionierung der gewünschten Produkte und Dienstleistungen auf dem Markt, wählt geeignete Partner für die Geschäftsentwicklung aus und identifiziert potenzielle Referenzkunden.

Der Service richtet sich an ausländische Unternehmen erweitern ihren Referenzmarkt. Xelerate bestimmt kurz-, mittel- und langfristige Ziele basierend auf der individuellen Kundenrealität: Kontaktieren Sie uns und wir werden mit Ihrem Unternehmen wachsen.



Xelerate operates in cooperation with:

  • technology partners, in order to develop and constantly improve products and solutions
  • business partners, in order to widen the range of offered products and services

Thanks to cooperation and distribution agreements with several IT companies, Xelerate is a trusting and expert provider for solutions involving:  Visibility, Assessment, Application Performance Monitoring, End User Response Time, Application Availability and Network Control.

Set Cyber Security and Network/Application Performance Optimization as your business priority.

Contact us now and build a long lasting and “healthy” business.


Xelerate verwendet:

  • technologische Partner für die Entwicklung der vorgeschlagenen Lösungen
  • Geschäftspartner für die Erweiterung des Angebots an Produkten und Dienstleistungen.

Dank Kooperations- und Vertriebsvereinbarungen mit Unternehmen der Branche ist Xelerate ein Referenzanbieter in den Bereichen Sichtbarkeit, Bewertung, Anwendungsleistungsüberwachung, Endbenutzer-Reaktionszeit, Anwendungsverfügbarkeit und Netzwerksteuerung.


Xelerate is a new dynamic company made up of a team of experts who have been working for years in the Information and Communication Technology market.

The company offers :

  • ICT Network
  • Application
  • Security

solutions and services; it also realizes tailor made projects in cooperation with its customers.

Xelerate is your reliable partner that helps you choose the most suitable technology for your business.

Contact us now: make sure your company is secure and performing where infrastructure is concerned.

Maximize your tech business!

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